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Men and women behave differently on the social web, as Porter Novelli showed in 2012 with a groundbreaking report Men are from Foursquare, Women are from Facebook. Understanding these behaviors helps brands and organizations engage effectively with their audiences, and so Porter Novelli’s digital marketing team, PNConnect, has just released its latest findings as a [...]

New data from Porter Novelli reveals that 59% of Americans regularly spend time on a social network – and what they do when they’re there varies dramatically depending on which generation they belong to. The Digital Demographics USA report, from PN’s digital marketing team PNConnect, reveals the unique online behaviors of Millennials, Generation X, Baby [...]

This post originally appeared on the PNConnect blog. The PNConnect team has been working together for a while now, delivering some truly compelling work for our clients. But while we were Yammer buddies and Facebook friends, many of us still hadn’t met in person. That all changed last week when 40 Connectors from around the [...]

The last three months have seen Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s profile soar with the publication of her book, “Lean In,” on the role of women and mothers in the workplace. At Porter Novelli’s Washington, D.C. office, Sandberg’s approach quickly became a hot topic around water coolers and on social media. What emerged was [...]

There’s nothing quite like Social Media Week. With hundreds of free events taking place simultaneously in cities worldwide, it’s an inclusive global-and-local gathering that lets agencies, experts, non-profits, brands and individuals share ideas and find inspiration in each other’s work. Washington, D.C. was one of the 10 host cities during February 2013, and Porter Novelli [...]

Twitter played a significant role during the recent U.S. Presidential election for activists, media, political parties and armchair pundits alike. Recently the firm’s team in Washington D.C. shared key insights they’d gained on the campaign trail with agencies, brands and organizations who are using Twitter to increase advocacy. At the #TwitterDC meet up, Mindy Finn [...]

To be at SXSW is to be in a permanent state of FOMO—or Fear Of Missing Out. There are thousands of sessions taking place in dozens of locations around Austin, Texas—and that’s before you factor in the networking breakfasts, late night parties and ambush marketing from guys dressed as sumo wrestlers. So after five days [...]

SXSW is an extraordinary beast. Around 20,000 people attend hundreds of sessions across dozens of locations  – and that’s before you factor in the networking breakfasts, late night parties and ambush marketing from guys dressed as sumo wrestlers. Oh and gigs by Jay-Z among others… So after five days of dining at an all-you-can-eat buffet [...]

Back in 2004 Tim O’Reilly popularised the term Web 2.0 to describe the shift then emerging from a static and fixed version of the web to one that was more interactive and social. Since then his company’s successful series of conferences bearing that name have become a powerful way to bring together innovators, investors and [...]

One of my highlights of SXSW so far was a panel that focused on how social media can be used for social good. Bringing together a range of senior agency people and chaired by Economist journalist Matthew Bishop, the panel debated how digital communications can help deal with some of the big issues facing the [...]